Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Chicken Pox in da house

So we've had the Pox and survived.


Not without a massive dose of guilt for me though.


T had her jabs nearly two weeks ago. All went well, my brave girl didn't even cry (I think the promise of sweets and a toy helped sooth the pain).  

Slept and ate fine, no problems I thought, phew.


3 days later, we woke up and there was a rash.  So of course like the techomum that I am, I was straight onto the NHS website looking it up.  Ah so a rash is common, oh her cousin had one too you say. All good.




Except the next day, even more spots. No other symptoms, eating fine etc. "No no all is fine" said M, "it's just a reaction".


The next day I am back to work after a week off, get a text from SIL "She won't eat her lunch and has spots on her tongue, going to pop her to walk in centre just to be sure"

2 hours later "She has chicken pox"


Oh god, why didn't I realise, why didn't I get her checked out, why did I let MIL take her to SIL (where there is a 4 week old baby) why this, why that.

The guilt never ends.


Touch wood so far none of the cousins have caught it.  She is still on course to go back to pre-school next week.  No new spots, no major scarring.


And that my friends is the last time I listen to my husband and ignore my instincts!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

What I'm Reading.

In case I haven't already mentioned it I am a big reader.

My greatest ever purchase was my Kindle and I am already on my second one. I currently have 87 books on my home page and 139 in my Archive!
(Stupidly when you buy a new Kindle ALL your books go into the archive on the new one, including ones you haven't read. Not helpful if you are like me and keep all your unread books on the home page and have so many you can't remember if you've read it or not.....)

 So I thought I would do a new feature on here 


 What I'm Reading 

Can you tell how long I took thinking up the title?! 
Sometimes I can read a book in a day (Hello The Hunger Games trilogy that I read over a weekend), sometimes it can take me a week.
It all depends on Baba, work, how tired I am, you get the drift. 
So I decided to chronicle them on here with a regular feature. I am not going to commit to weekly, fortnightly etc as we all know that will soon fall by the wayside. 

So without further ado the book I am currently reading is...
Moranthology by Caitlin Moran. 
I was recommended this on the Sali Hughes Beauty Forum of which I am a member (if you're not then if you are a big beauty and make up fan or just love women who are fun, amazing and inspirational then you really should check it out www.salihughesbeauty.com Sali is the beauty writer for the Guardian weekend supplement) 

It is a collection of her columns from The Times. I am currently only 14% through so don't feel ready to give a full review but I am enjoying it. 
I am quite new to Caitlin's work and I have to say I like what I read. It's funny but not in a try-too-hard kinda way. It's almost like you're sat in the pub with her talking rubbish over a glass (or 5) of wine and a packet of dry roasted. 

How do they do it?

So another 3 months has passed since I updated my blog..... I have all these ideas for posts jotted down, yet I just cannot seem to find the time to write them. I follow many blogs on bloglovin, a mixture of beauty, crafts, family etc. How do they manage to find the time to update, some more than once a day! Am I failing because I find the daily grind of work, housework, parenting so damn hard work? Once Baba is in bed it's all I can do to have a shower some nights never mind tidy up, write a blog post, etc etc. And I only have one child.....

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Using my stash

I am a self confessed beauty addict.  There is no denying it. 

I have enough make up and skin care to last 10 years.  My sister does pretty well out of it though!

So in an effort to clear some space I am setting myself a challenge for a one in one out rule.  (swaps and gifts not included, I'm being thrifty not silly!)
Essentials such as Deodorant,  toothpaste and ladies items not included.

I will only be buying something once I've used something up.

Oh god what am I letting myself in for!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Charity shop find!

So despite being beauty obsessed I haven't done any  posts on the subject yet.

Until now.

I've always loved blog posts on how people store stuff and have wanted some Muji bits for ages.
I was in town yesterday and after seeing a few posts on  Emma's blog
(am on phone so can't shorten link sorry)

I decided to pop into the BHF shop and have a look.

£2.99 people, £2.99.
Bargain of the month. 

Being a lipbalm/gloss/stain obsessive I soon filled it up.  (you haven't seen my lipbalm's yet!)
Am so pleased with it and think now they are on show I will get more use out of them.

Thursday, 11 April 2013


The 11th was the three year anniversary of my surgery.

Surgery I had two days after T was born. 

Surgery that meant I didn't see my newborn for 3 days.

Surgery that gave me a 50% chance of dying on the table and 100% chance of dying if I didn't have it.

Surgery that has left me with a 5 inch vertical scar on my stomach and a belly button that will never look the same again.

Surgery that left me with IBS, PND and PTSD.

As the years pass hopefully I won't even remember this day.  For now however I get through it by playing with my daughter and loving her.

And then she was three.


3 years old.

How did that happen?

It's true what they say.  Time really does fly by. 

I'm not sure I like it.