Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Charity shop find!

So despite being beauty obsessed I haven't done any  posts on the subject yet.

Until now.

I've always loved blog posts on how people store stuff and have wanted some Muji bits for ages.
I was in town yesterday and after seeing a few posts on  Emma's blog
(am on phone so can't shorten link sorry)

I decided to pop into the BHF shop and have a look.

£2.99 people, £2.99.
Bargain of the month. 

Being a lipbalm/gloss/stain obsessive I soon filled it up.  (you haven't seen my lipbalm's yet!)
Am so pleased with it and think now they are on show I will get more use out of them.

Thursday, 11 April 2013


The 11th was the three year anniversary of my surgery.

Surgery I had two days after T was born. 

Surgery that meant I didn't see my newborn for 3 days.

Surgery that gave me a 50% chance of dying on the table and 100% chance of dying if I didn't have it.

Surgery that has left me with a 5 inch vertical scar on my stomach and a belly button that will never look the same again.

Surgery that left me with IBS, PND and PTSD.

As the years pass hopefully I won't even remember this day.  For now however I get through it by playing with my daughter and loving her.

And then she was three.


3 years old.

How did that happen?

It's true what they say.  Time really does fly by. 

I'm not sure I like it.