Friday, 27 July 2012

Amber Teething Jewellery

I decided to treat myself on pay day to this gorgeous Amber Ring from Dino Daisy. Website here (Picture courtesy of Dino-Daisy)

The ring is a "Dino-Mumma Silver Ring with Three Baroque Beads"  The colour of baroque beads was my choice and are Cherry (the darker) and Cognac (the orangey beads)
It was a bargainous £8 with £2 postage.  It really is amazing quality and I think looks fab on.

The packaging was lovely too and also comes with a little card telling you all about ambers properties and how to care for it.

Kate is lovely and the service is amazing. I ordered on Saturday and received the ring on Wednesday. 
The difficulty was deciding what to order as the range is amazing.  I will be going back next pay day for a different style ring and maybe a silver band to stack with, ooh and a stamped bracelet, and a bangle..........
I first found the website when Baba was a tiny baby by googling "teething". 
Before this all I knew about Amber is what I learnt from Jurassic Park (showing my age there)
Now let me state I have no medical training and have no idea if amber has been proven as a pain relief aide, all I have is my own opinion.

Taken from the Dino-Daisy information card
Baltic amber contains Succinic Acid, a known analgesic reputed to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing of wounds. 
For centuries throughout Europe, Baltic amber has been used for healing and wellbeing.  When worn, the warmth from your body releases the ambers' natural oils into the skin, calming, soothing and offering a completely natural remedy for general aches and pains.

I decided to buy an anklet to see what all the fuss was about.  I figured what did I have to lose, they don't cost the earth so if it doesn't work then I've not lost out. I've already spent a fortune on Calpol, powders, rings you name it.
It may have been a placebo affect to my tired frazzled brain but it seemed to help Baba, she has had pretty much all her teeth through now and besides a few days of snotty nose and being a bit grumpy that is it.  No screaming, no scrabbling at her mouth, no sleepless nights (no more than usual anyway!!)
So much so that she has worn one pretty much non-stop since she was 3 months old. (She is now 2.3 years). 
Her first one was lost and stupidly I had no back up, since then I have ordered 3-4 in different styles and also wear an elasticated bracelet myself.

There are also necklaces available although these are unsuitable for 3 and under due to the small parts and the risk of it breaking. However Baba has had this one for over a year and worn it pretty much every day and it is still going strong.  Kate however offers a restring/replacement on the jewellery she creates for 6 months after purchase. Other amber sellers offer one month.

Obviously common sense prevails and it is up to the parent as to what they feel comfortable with but I have recommended these to pretty much every parent I know.  I also waxed lyrical to my Health Visitor when she asked what it was.

In my humble opinon amber rocks (see what I did there)......


  1. That's a gorgeous ring. Very pretty and what a bargain!
    Interesting post :)

  2. We have always used amber for teething. The necklaces work like a charm!