Saturday, 10 November 2012

Hoarding mission 1 - complete.

First off I forgot to take a before picture. I know not a good start but I'm new to this blogging lark.

Anyway my first mission was to tackle my airing cupboard (room with boiler etc) I'm quite lucky that its not a bad size and has two shelves in.
I keep all my bed linen and towels in it. One shelf also has all my shampoos and lotions on but these will be moved when I find a big enough box!

Its safe to say there is linen in there that hasn't been used since we moved in 7.5 years ago!

God this is going to be an embarrassing process.

I'm proud to say I was ruthless and managed to accumulate a 2ft high pile to give to the charity shop.

Go me.

I also followed an idea I saw on pinterest with regards to storing bedding sets.

All in all a good dehoarding session and a pretty good start.

(picture from pinterest found here )