Saturday, 24 November 2012

Toddler milestones - Big Girls Bed.

So last night we took the bars off the cotbed. (Well one side as the other backs onto the wall, I'm pretending it's a fancy daybed!)

I've been contemplating it for a while. I keep seeing friends children who are younger moving into big beds and wondering if I'm doing something wrong. Or holding her back. She's 2 years 7 months. I know some kids that have been in them at 16 months.

She hasn't escaped, hasn't really asked for a big bed so I didn't know if she was "ready".
And if I'm being entirely truthful a small part of me didn't relish the thought of a 6am wake up call with a little face 3 inches from my own.

We just decided to do it this weekend. I've been leading up to it all week with her, moved some toys and a big box of books up to her room (yay more space downstairs!) Each night at bedtime cuddles we've been talking about it "Bars off Mama?" And last night we did it.

Apart from a few times telling her it was bedtime and no she couldn't play she went down fine. Woke at 9am (if this is cos of the big bed I am going to be mega pissed I took this long) and told me to close the door so she could play!

I think this may go smoother than I thought!

She's happy anyway!


  1. Aww she is too cute! J moved to his big bed at 2.6. I only moved him to try and get him to sleep better, didn't work tho...sigh x

    1. I'm fully expecting it to come back and bite me in the bum with something else! x